Apprenticeship program at GF in Schaffhausen

Apprentice automation technician in action

How a damaged installation became a personal mission.

Empowering Apprentices

With this kind of know-how, our apprentices are well prepared for the challenges they will face after their apprenticeship. We are proud to be able to offer such opportunities to our apprentices at the Schaffhausen site and thus support their long-term professional development.

Alex Bäder's success story illustrates the importance of practical training. Thanks to the high-quality training he received at GF, he was able to acquire the knowledge he needed to succeed in challenging situations. His commitment, willingness to learn and practical application of his knowledge make this project a wonderful demonstration of the apprenticeship program at GF.

A report by Rafael Schlesier, apprenticeship manager for automation technicians and polymechanics at the Schaffhausen site.

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