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Application process

What is the application process? Which documents do I need for an application? Find the answers here!

Four-stage application process in Switzerland

Four-stage application process in Germany

Four-stage application process in Austria

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Frequently asked questions

Which training profession suits me best?

Visit the website of Faszination Technik and find out which technical profession best matches you, your skills and your interests. Take the first step into a promising future with your choice.

What does GF have to do with Wibilea?

Wibilea is an external apprenticeship training center that works with GF. They handle the recruitment and hiring of apprentices for us. In addition, the first few years of the apprenticeships will take place completely at Wibilea.

Which divisions are there at GF and what products do they manufacture?

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Can I also do two brief taster apprenticeships with you?

Of course! You are also welcome to do a brief taster apprenticeship in another profession. 

Can I do a brief taster without making an application for an apprenticeship?

Of course, it’s important to get to know your profession, after all. If you like the taster days, we look forward to receiving your application.  

When do I need to apply?

You can apply at any time. As a general rule, the sooner, the better.  

I'm a girl. Am I still suitable for a technical profession?

Your gender doesn't matter. All that matters is that you enjoy the profession.  

Are there still vacancies for apprenticeship positions?

Definitely. Take a look: Apprenticeship Vacancies

Why should I start apprenticeship training at GF?


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