Sreyleak Vongs (Lea) Rise from apprentice to in-house professional trainer, Schaffhausen (CH) 2021

From trainee to trainer

Perseverance with a smile.

Perseverance with a smile. A life mantra for "Lea," or Sreileak Vong, one of our young talents who joined GF in Switzerland in 2014 on a four-year traineeship. Born in Cambodia, Lea quickly learned German and over time became a Plastics Technology Trainer at GF Piping Systems. In this role, she can apply what she learned and help young talents, just like herself, grow.

For some, things are black or white; for Lea they are just bright. Lea is easy to work with and goes straight to the point – with optimism and fun. For example, her real name is Sreileak Vong but she went for "Lea" to help people correctly pronounce her name. 

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