Driving School by Sven Pietzsch

Discounted driving lessons for GF apprentices

Embark on the journey to your driver's license with unbeatable discounts courtesy of our partnership with E-Driving School by Sven Pietzsch.

Offer for GF apprentices


Advantages of the cooperation

What are the advantages of this cooperation for you as an apprentice?

  • Discounted driving lessons (CHF 69)
    The reduced prices allow you to gain more expertise on the road. You can take more driving lessons to improve your skills and confidence.
  • Discounted road awareness course (VKU) (CHF 199)
    The road awareness course is an essential and compulsory component of the driver training and provides basic knowledge about traffic rules and road safety. 
  • Discounted emergency first aid course (CHF 110)
    The emergency first aid course is the first step on your way to getting your driver's license. During the course, you will learn life-saving emergency measures enabling you to provide first aid in emergency situations. 
  • Waiver of the administration fee (instead of CHF 120)
    The waiver of the administration fee makes it easier for you to start your driver education by avoiding unnecessary administration costs.
About the driving instructor

Sven, would you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your expertise as a driving instructor?

My vision extends beyond simply teaching safe and responsible driving. My goal is to be actively involved in shaping future mobility. Our training, which focuses specifically on electric vehicles, makes us pioneers in the industry. My passion for mobility and sustainability motivates me to bring the world of electromobility closer to young people.

What made you decide to offer discounted driving lessons for our apprentices?

Our primary concern as a driving school is to offer our learners high-quality training and comprehensive support. By offering discounted driving lessons, we want to give young drivers the opportunity to thoroughly prepare for their driving training without having to bear excessively high costs. This not only promotes road safety, but also gives learners confidence in their own abilities.

Sequence of a driving lesson

Could you describe the typical course of a driving lesson with you?

I apply the "from easy to hard" teaching approach to ensure that the student driver gradually develops the necessary skills. In general, the typical course of a first driving lesson with me can be described as follows:

  • Greeting and getting to know each other
  • Explaining vehicle functions
  • Seat and steering wheel adjustments
  • Starting and stopping the vehicle
  • Starting and braking
  • Slow driving and steering
  • Traffic lesson on quiet roads

Of course, the approach may vary based on individual needs.

Are driving lessons tailored to the individual needs and abilities of each learner?

We understand that each learner driver has different prior knowledge, expertise and learning speeds. As a result, we customize our teaching methods and the flow of driving lessons to ensure that each learner is supported in the best way possible.

If a learner driver already has private driving experience, we take that expertise into account and build on it. On the other hand, if a learner driver has no expertise, we start with basic driving maneuvers and gradually develop skills from there.

About driving a Tesla and protecting the environment

ProjectGREEN - We are actively committed to protecting the environment. 

We prefer to charge our electric vehicles with renewable energy. In addition, we plant trees in the Global South for every driving hour completed. You will receive a tree certificate from us with your name and the coordinates where your trees were planted. In this way, both you and we make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Additional offers and services

Are there any other offers besides driving lessons that might be of interest to our apprentices?

We offer interested learners the opportunity to try out a stick shift vehicle at our partner driving school iNDRIVER.

How do you support learners in preparing theory for their driver's license?

We support you in theory preparation and are always available via WhatsApp or phone for questions and tips. 

Progress tracking and feedback

How often and in what form do you provide feedback on the learners' skills and progress?

We provide feedback after each driving lesson, progress reports, and simulated practical tests. Open communication is important to us to support your progress.

Depending on the needs of the learner driver, feedback is provided regularly and in various forms:

  • After each driving lesson
    Immediately after each driving lesson, we provide verbal feedback on the skills demonstrated during the lesson. We explain which aspects went well and point out where there is still room for improvement. For complex maneuvers or difficult traffic situations, we like to use graphic aids to help learners visually understand what was discussed. 
  • Progress Reports
    We create progress reports that summarize the learner's overall progress over a period of time.
  • Practical test simulation
    Prior to the practical test, we conduct simulations in which we evaluate the learner in real traffic situations. 
  • Open communication
    We encourage learners to ask questions and voice concerns.